Why Fashionable Afrika Marketplace?

Let’s talk African fashion. Fashionable Afrika Marketplace is a retail and online store that sells all of the latest styles in African clothing and design. All of our products are made 100% in Africa, and specifically Ghana, but we ship to anywhere in the world. We have an excellent collection of clothing designed by native Africans for men, women, and children.

What makes African fashion unique?

African fashion is quite unlike any other style of clothing in the world. Brightly colored cloth, embroidery, beads, and other embellishments make African fashion truly unique and makes it stand out in a crowd.

Adds confidence and strength

African clothing can add confidence and strength into your daily life. Between fine materials, bold colors, and traditional designs, it can help you feel like you’re strong and capable. How you dress matters, and dressing in traditional African clothing will help you channel the best version of yourself.

The power of cloth

The fabric your clothing is made from can have a powerful impact on the way you feel. Being comfortable in your clothing can help you to feel peace through your life, and African fashion is perfect for this. Our products are made from the finest satin, silk, or African wax cotton that is guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable in any situation.

A reminder of your bold and beautiful heritage

African clothing can serve as a reminder of your beautiful heritage and the proud ancestors you have. Wearing traditional clothing, whether head wraps, day clothing, or even sleepwear, can remind you daily of the traditions of your ancestors and the genetic ability that you have to be powerful and successful.

Helps you express your emotions

Do your current clothes shield your emotions? The bold colors and patterns of African clothing makes it ideal for expressing your feelings and emotions on a daily basis. Clothing is a great way to show what’s uniquely you, and with African clothing especially you can show others how you’re feeling and how you would like to be perceived.

Why should you buy from Fashionable Afrika Marketplace?

Fashionable Afrika Marketplace is the best retailer for all of your genuine African fashion needs. African fashion styles have been trending recently and have been seen on all sorts of celebrities, from Chris Brown to Beyonce. As African music and art begins to become stylish as well, our African clothing will continue to become more popular and right on-trend.

Everything made in Ghana

All the clothing sold by Fashionable Afrika Marketplace is made in Africa, with most of it handmade in Ghana. This is not clothing made in China or America to look like what they think African styles are, this is authentic cultural African clothing made in our home by our people.

Supports Africans

By purchasing your clothing from Fashionable Afrika, you’re supporting African business owners and helping add value to the economy of the continent. Money spent on clothing made in Africa helps our own people and circles back around to help you and your community as well. There are so many countries that export clothing to other places, and countries with cheap labor like China and India can do it for very little money, but this business takes away from the success of clothing manufacturers in Africa. By supporting Fashionable Afrika, you directly help African families to eat and have a place to sleep.

Helps expose the world to African clothing and culture

By proudly wearing clothing from Fashionable Afrika Marketplace, you help expose the world to African clothing and culture and encourage others with African heritage to embrace their ancestry and find the same beauty. Even people who previously were not interested in African fashion may see you wearing something they liked and choose to support as well. As this community grows together, we can hep make a positive difference in Africa and through the whole world.

Many people have left Africa

People of African heritage live all over the world, and supporting Fashionable Afrika Marketplace can help these people re-engage with their culture and come to have an appreciation of where they came from. Other countries often try to assimilate Africans into their own culture and rid us of the things that make us unique, but Fashionable Afrika Marketplace combats this by giving each person of African descent the opportunity to dress and live in a way reminiscent of their ancestry.

Check out our products to see which authentic African clothing items will work with your style! You can see more pictures on our Instagram @fashionableafrika.com

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