Ahenmaa Ghanaian Slippers

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Ahenmaa Ghanaian Slippers


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Beautiful Ghanaian traditional slippers. Ahenema is the local name for this traditional Ghanaian slipper. This is a local sandal usually worn by chiefs, queens, senior members of society, and the rich or wealthy society. It is the footwear of  Akan royalty and symbolizes pure elegance and class. It is worn at traditional events such as festivals, funerals,  and weddings, and in modern times it is also worn at church functions.
The name Ahenema, means “children of the king”.
There are two main types of ahenema. The curvilinear “Asansan Tuo” and the almost straight “Athine” worn by chiefs. The sole of the Ahenema slipper has a figure eight shape, which is  basically to ensure stability when walking.  Ahenema manufacturers have historically used leather such as Tromo for the sole of the Ahenema, and goatskin for the insole. These are special orders. Let us know your size and we will make it for you


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